Thursday, December 31

Endings and beginnings

2009 was a good year, one that I will not forget for a long time. I met some of the most awesome people and had the best times with them! I had my many 'firsts' and had many opportunities to see Tokyo in numerous lights: artsy, delicious, busy, blinding, and always sublime. I had many of those subtle, poignant episodes straight from Murakami's novels. There were times when I have muttered under my breath, "good Lord, this is a good time" and hid a genuine smile of joy. Not so bad for living one whole year away from home as an expat. Thank you, thank you everyone for putting up with me a year that's for the record!

Now, 2010 makes me feel excited. I have a strong hunch it will be a very interesting year for me and for the people who will be part of it. Some magic is about to happen, right? Keep your calm, and keep the good times rollin'!

I'll leave this year with things that constantly thrill me: buildings and skies! Happy New Year everyone. Regards from here.

...because there's nowehere to go but everywhere. Keep rolling under the stars, generally the Western stars
-Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Sunday, December 27

Dec 09 Ear Candy: Ocean Eyes by Owl City

One of the best finds this year is Owl City. I'd like to thank my childhood friend Des for telling me about this band several months before. Now, I am addicted to their album, 'Ocean Eyes'.

My holidays were spent full because of this. When I listen to Owl City, I feel like I am holing inside a big big cotton candy. Sweet and fun and airy.

The music video is magical, to say the least. If happiness was a room, it would be like this:

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas

I'm drinking beer right now, and lazying after a hearty dinner which I prepared awhile ago. I just finished talking with the family back home. I'm waiting for Christmas, and Owl City is soft on the ear. Everyone and everything feels just right.

These are the moments you thank the Lord for. Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 16

Happy Birthday, Crazy!

Today is Wednesday and Crazy is celebrating her birthday. I promised her that I would take a photo of how my Wednesday would look like. So here it is, to Singapore!crazybd2

Picture above is the train track passing through my university. This isn't exactly what captured my day, but I think today's weather is quite clear in this picture.

Today is a cloudy day. And very cold, too.
Me wants to snuggle back to my bed the whole day just like this,
but I got a TA job in the afternoon so I had to drag myself out.

So since this day was pretty lethargic, I decided to get lunch in a coffee shop.crazybd1
That's half of my day, Crazy, on your birthday. May you have a nice dinner with friends and Nemo later.

Thursday, December 10

Autumn in university


It's officially autumn here, and the trees wear the shade of my favorite yellow. Too yellow in fact.

Less than 2 weeks and it's Christmas!


Monday, December 7

Good morning light


For someone like me who never wakes up before noon, sunrise is a stranger. But today, I woke up very early, and what happened next in my room reminded me that mornings are always worth getting up to.

Blue skies greeted me on my porch. What a nice way to start a day.
I get this feeling that every blue skies is a deja vu in the making.