Tuesday, May 11


I see signs now all the time, that you're not dead, you're sleeping.

Signs, Bloc Party

Woah, this song.
Photos from a quick out-of-town trip last week.

Wednesday, May 5

You know concrete colored buildings all grow stale

-Maria Mena, What's another day?

This song has all the right words, you know.
Morning shots of Tokyo some weeks ago.
Thanks everyone for your nice words!

Sunday, May 2

The spring that was

My life, for a bit, stopped before this spring. For reasons I'd keep to my faint heart, I ceased to join the blossoming of a new season. I had to realize many things for once, and before I knew it, the flowers have withered already. It seemed like I skipped spring this year, or spring skipped me.

It's 2 am now, and for the first time in months, I opened my window again today. The incoming summer leaves the wooden floor with this familiar scent, a waft of joy.

Spring is but a season, and it is happening now in my room.