Monday, September 20

You see, I know a few of your favorite things


Lately, there are so many things going on in my head I just wanna get over this month quickly.

On logical order of things, I'd be starting my doctoral course in a few days. I can't help but pant about it way before even it started. The only consoling thought is that I can start afresh and my head is bustling with ideas. The  previous four months have just been so unmerciful to me. Thinking about mathematics and physics and mechanics every single day has, I think, taken its toll on the more moist part of my brain and has provokingly fettered my creativity until this blog has only seen a post per month. My camera has grown cobwebs, so to speak, and so did my artsy-fartsy-ness.

The past few weeks were spent on these issues, and how much I would need to reformat my say on things. I came to the conclusion that I am so unfortunate to be blessed with a fluid character but with a structured set of faculties. It came as no surprise, come to think of it, because 2 years ago, I was choosing between art school and soil mechanics. Now I wish numbers had colors.  

I breath quite oddly because I think I was cursed. I was talking with an American friend a few weeks ago who told me I am making a fool of myself thinking I am working on my dream. But what is it to dream really? Is it to think of things you can actually achieve and have a good grip of and proceed further from that once they come true, or is it to think wishfully of things that you can only blindly find your way into and out?

I wish I have answers to toss around. But right now, I can only speak of things that're on my desk. Because who said you can't have multiple dreams in one lifetime, right?

The photos I took a few months back. Had some typography over there. That's all I can think of at the moment. Credits to Taking Back Sunday for the wonderful song.