Sunday, February 28

The whiner has to go

Strays Don't Sleep's For Blue Skies
^I miss this song^

I've been a little depressive these past days, due to an unhealthy combination of sleeplessness, boredom, self-imposed academic pressure, and loads of sad music. The Tokyo weather, which are indefinitely grey most hours of the day, are not helping me either.

I'm at this point where a sunshine, and endless blue skies are the only form of distraction that can pull me out. Last day of February, and I hope for balmy days ahead as I consign myself to writing my first technical paper.

My wish of salvation and relief to the people of Chile, one of my favorite countries in the world, for the current disaster they are facing. Next week, I will attend this and let's see what are the bubble thoughts of the experts. So much for anguish.

Photos are from my computer in the school, what're left after I cleaned my hard drive.

Saturday, February 27

Meeting people makes me damn sad

Sigur Rós' Untitled 01

Everytime I go out of Tokyo, even on a quick trip, I feel that when I come back, something has changed in a madly lonely way. Photos taken on a foggy Thursday morning.


Wednesday, February 24

Monday, February 22

You are my heartache this lifetime


No surprises by Radiohead

Would you believe me if I tell you that we've met before, in the past, before these present lives?

Saturday, February 20

A prisoner's sunset

I never went out of my house for three straight days, doing a little program for my last homework in Civil Engineering Analysis. My eyes were like this x-x infront of mounting excel files, and I fed myself with all possible variations of fried rice that I can cook. I sat and lurked in the dark, too, which can be joyfully maddening when you're thinking of numbers. I also learned that my brain works consistently if I'm listening to jazz radio. (I'm geek like that).

Fortunately, during those times, there was really nothing outside to look forward to. Weather in Tokyo has been pretty grey and rainy, and even to buy bento next block was the hardest thing.

Yesterday, I finished my program. It was the first time I went out, and it felt like it was my first time to see sunshine, too, like my rebirth or something.

Before I handed-out my results to my professor, I had to bask myself with the first sunset that I saw after what felt like a looooong time. Happy weekend everyone! This weekend feels like a real weekend for me.

Friday, February 19

Feb 10 Ear Candy: Kings of Leon

Revelry by Kings of Leon

This whole month of February, ever since they won the Grammy's last month, I've been hooked to Kings of Leon. I think that their album, "Only by the night" is one of the best things that ever happened to rock music these recent years.

It's the first rock album that I can listen to the whole selection without feeling nauseated. ^^

The picture above is special. The other day, it snowed again in Tokyo at 6AM. Someone called me to tell me about the beautiful crystals parading the early morning skies. I was dreaming of revelry, really.

Tuesday, February 16

Ducks and Fishes

On Valentines Day, I watched ducks and fishes with the neighborhood kids and oldies in a pond near my house.

♥♥♥ Belated happy hearts day everyone! I hope you had a good time that day.

Sunday, February 14

I'm dreaming of a vacation

Now that the school is almost over, I'm thinking of a vacation. A quick trip out of Tokyo would do me good one of these days.

Photos of Kyoto from last year.

Where is next?


By the way, I talked with Miss Hello Sandwich on the phone on her last day in Tokyo. I was meaning to see her, and I feel so sorry that her vacation fell on the most grueling week of my semester with all those exams and little experiments. Next time, a drink or two would be nice! I wish she enjoyed the light and sounds of Tokyo.

Monday, February 8

I wish for carefree days

Ms. Natsumi tagged me the other week. So here it is. I'm telling 7 random things about myself under each random photos from the past 7 days that I was a bit away from my blog. Photos and text don't necessarily match.

1. I have a serious case of cramming. A bolt of lightning has to strike me to start on something.

2. I like minor chords. They make those lonely sounds. I like listening to madly sad songs.

3. I want to be a dad when I turn 30.

4. I'm seriously considering to go to art school after I get my PhD in Engineering (which I currently work on).

5. On average, I go down with flu and cold twice a year.

6. Contrary to popular belief, I am an extremely bashful person.

7. Sometimes, I feel that I give too much that at the end of the day, I feel hollow inside.

This week, just like how it was a year ago, is a bit of a mess. School feels like school, and I'll be doing little experiments grudgingly physical in nature.

Thank you everyone for dropping by the past days and leaving those nice comments. I just couldn't have the time to reply to everyone but I'm reading each of your comments and I feel glad.

Now, back to work. ^^

Wednesday, February 3

The morning after

After the snowy night.

Tuesday, February 2


Rare snowy Tokyo night.

February now. What a way to start the month of the hearts.