Thursday, March 18

That I'm down doesn't mean you have to fall off, too

That's why I have to be away for awhile. See you some beautiful day.

Who wants to go with me to listen to Haruka Nakamura?

haruka nakamuraが主宰する楽団、kadan。彼らの1st Album 「CASA」のリリース記念特別公演を開催。kadanに加え、管と弦、パーカッション、ダンサーなどの特別編成で贈るこの日だけの演奏。さらにファッションブランドunrulyとのコラボレーションにおける、舞台そのものを作品として表現する初単独公演。

It's on Saturday. I wish the gods will permit me to go and enjoy it with friends.

Wednesday, March 17

How early do you wake up? Good morning y'all!

Me? Before the garbage collector arrives, so that's around 6AM.

Then, I'll have my cup of coffee, slowly. My mind is sifting through the string of events I have to do for the day. There is  a promise of greatness: on this day, the potential of the universe will show itself and that only my sense of presence needs to make it happen. A glorious sun is rising somewhere, ready to shine on another day spent in earnest search for the fountain of knowledge. Then I finish one stick.

I turn my water heater on. I go back beside the bed, once again, to pick my bath towel, about to shower. Chances are, I'd spare a minute or two, sitting by the edge of the bed, softly enjoying the thin sounds of early morning I can hear from the outside. Then, of course.

The next thing I know, it's half past 10. No shower happens, the glorious rising sun is a big, blinding light on top of my swollen head, and the promise of a great day crumbles before it even reaches noon. Haha... Story of my life, folks!

Anyway, the photos above were taken like 2 months ago, in that one rare day I was able to resist the temptation of the bed after 6AM. This is part of a series of  stuff I see on my way to school.

Below is the seductress, the bed.

Tuesday, March 16

Heart break over load

Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time.

Why am I eternally heart broken? And why, you are not?

Monday, March 15

I'm about to come alive..

Slowly now, I can feel you coming out of my skin. You, and all your beautiful motifs.
You inspire me to come back to life.

Train's I'm about to come alive

Photos from last's years spring.

Saturday, March 13

I have a question (UPDATED)

Is it wrong to take photos of strangers when they are not expecting it like the photo above?

Update: I took down the first (original) photo I took after I read the first 7 comments especially that from Hiki-san. I've always wondered about this privacy thing since from my point of view, candid shots of strangers are always private. First, they won't probably know about the photo. Also, my intentions of taking a photo are as candid as the photos itself.

Anyway, I decided otherwise, since I've always felt that I, myself, would feel offended if I see a candid shot of myself somewhere, not certainly because of privacy but because of vanity! haha... In such cases, I feel that I just lost all control over what I want people to see about me. (Which, come to think of it, can be a little about privacy). That's why I hate it when people suddenly tag me in Facebook!

And also, after reading what Hiki-san said, I suddenly had cold sweats with this image of mad parents storming my house. haha..

Now, I hope this new one is more acceptable.

Anyway, mentioning about a photo of me, I saw this one taken like 2 weeks ago.
I think I need a haircut.

Friday, March 12

The object of fantasy meant more to me than logic

Yesterday, I got some results from my experiments. I've waited a looong time for this.
Now, a paper has to be written. Let the universe make a beautiful conspiracy.

I like it when I'm alone and doing experiments, and it's raining lightly outside.
I feel so alive.

Long weekend for me. You have a nice one. ^^

Tuesday, March 9


I notice that I've been clamoring a lot for sunshine these days. Well, who doesn't, right?

Like today, it snowed again in Tokyo, and was it like a week ago when I thought spring was just around the corner?

Some highway photos when I went to Chiba some weeks ago.

I was hooked to this song by Matt Costa like 3 years ago, and now my head sings it indefinitely.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I'll pick them up when I ain't as busy as I am right now. ^^

Sunday, March 7

First and only sunny day of the week

So what more can you expect but lotsa kids outside, rolling on grasses and having the long awaited fun under the sun.

Saturday, March 6

Rock my world

The last days were spent inside a dimly lit hall listening to lectures coming from different parts of the world about this topic that recently hogged world headline after what happened to Haiti and Chile. My university hosted the joint conferences on 7th Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering and 5th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering. The title of these conferences would say it all. What else can be more relevant these days?

I didn't have the luxury of free time to wander around and take photos other than the hall I was assigned to man. So here they are, poorly.

Ever since I came to Tokyo, I've had my share of earthquakes from time to time. As a matter of fact, on the day I arrived, I was jolted by a big one at 2 in the morning, a very moving way of welcoming me. The following week, I was at the fifth floor of my building and another big but abrupt one struck again.

For the fainthearted, perceivably experiencing an earthquake can be quite maddening. I do think that there's really no way of getting used to it even if it happens often like in Tokyo. Or maybe there's really no use in getting used to it. It's always shocking everytime, like falling in love or something. Haha...

Have you had your share of jolts?