Saturday, February 28


In the last few days, I realized I could not close a week without getting drunk.

I am drunk right now, you bet. It snowed like hell this morning, all over Tokyo. That deserves some cheers for you.

The dorm is almost empty right now. Most of my friends went snow boarding. I am left in the city like an estrange kid. That’s why I got drunk tonight.

Friday, February 27

Feb 08 Ear Candy: 空はまるで

The other day, Felipe introduced to me an album of Monkey Majik. Eveything about it instantly kicked a soft spot in my ear.

If you have time, please look at their album, 空はまるで.

All their songs in that album make me swell, and lonely. Nice sounds and mysteries. haha

Their song, フタリ, also from that album, is the first Japanese song I learned to play and sing with the guitar.

Here it is:

I learned later it is a very very sad song. No wonder.

It's snowing outside

Like a beautiful hell.

Monday, February 23

The trip

I went to Kyoto the other week, amidst unfinished papers and oral exams. It was fun, and my eyes and stomach were both filled with beautiful cataclysms.

More of Kyoto photos next time. I need some fixing to do first.

Wednesday, February 11

Public holiday

Woke up at 2 pm today. It's holiday in this part of the world. But I have tons of homeworks to do. So I guess it's not holiday afterall.

Saturday, February 7



The best reward for a very long week is a Friday night.

A Friday night with a long-necked, ice cold beer sitting like a flirt on a table surrounded by communicative smoke, and friends whose level of exhaustion is as crispy as Pringles.

Everyone was morose as I predicted. Each one has a dart board with faces of professors on target. No one has better plans than getting drunk.

Sigh. That was a tough week, and another one is coming. Fed-ex me luck.

Monday, February 2

The table

This is my table. Everything happens here. Over the next few days, this will be an absolute mess, not that it is not yet a mess right now. But the finals week is looming. Sleepless nights are coming, and I can feel zits popping up.
There are too many things I have to do in the coming days. Five fucking exams, every holy fucking day. Four papers all due Monday next week. A program that I still have to learn. And my research which I haven't fixed a bit. Everything feels like Melchor Hall all over again.

I swear to god I will get fucking drunk like a morose after I finish all of these. I can't fucking wait for heart's day, which also happens to be the last day of the sem, and which happens to be the birthday of my very good friend, Felipe.

(I cuss a lot, sorry. It's the nerves.)