Thursday, January 29

Site visit in Shibuya

Today, I went inside the stomach of Shibuya.
We went in an underground construction of a tunnel. That was one of the coolest things here so far.
The ones in the photo are Thais.

Sunday, January 25

Jan 09 Ear Candy: Look After You

There's one song that even if the weather is cold, you feel warm listening to. Well this is it for me this whole month of January.

The Fray's Look After You,

This typography above is from my childhood friend Des who also happened to introduce me this song awhile back.

Saturday, January 3

Happy New Year Everyone!

Starting this New Year, everything bad in my past will make up my self-contrived version of Macondo--- surreal and bizarre, where people is stark and everything will look like a poorly swept windshield. A long dark tunnel will separate my present life and Macondo so that I can easily forget, and if the urge to remember Macondo is strong, the sheer thought of that long dark tunnel will make the urge a wuss. All the bad things that happened in Macondo will not affect me anymore. They will cease to exist. So that someday when I talk of Macondo, it will be like telling a story of a very distant memory, so far that I can tell it with no attachments, no trace of nostalgia, and no sign of returning back.

So that what’s left with me is to move forward. This year, I will start making scenes which end where they begin. I will leave no one hurting and forgotten irresponsibly because of my mockeries and fuck-ups. This year, I will never involve myself with things I can’t end. I guess it’s time for happy endings.