Sunday, November 28

Sweet November

I'm saying goodbye to the sweetest month of my year while the Hot Action Cop is singing.

Baby, what is it with autumn that keeps me feel alive when everything else around me is falling off to shreds of yellow? This isn't the best season to recover from my year-long depression but yeah, I'm breaking slowly back to life.

Anyway, got a new shade of yellow in my room. Went to Ikea yesterday and bought a stand-alone lamp for less than 20 bucks. It shines 20 times greater than the lamp I bought online in Rakuten a year ago. So you guess I'm more than happy!

I love furniture shops! What I love about it the most is how I don't get this whole Andy Warhol feeling all over me while pushing my shopping cart. Is there anyone getting this same vibe or am I just being annoying?

The other thing that I love about furniture shops are the kids. I especially like those who are having tantrums inside the shopping carts=prams while they're towed away together with the towels, the yokes, the curtain rods, etc. because mum and dad are not done shopping yet. This one, I totally get. Makes me so hopeful about the future. lol.

Well I guess the Swedes got it right with the furniture. But it got me thinking how many Vietnamese are being paid below the minimum wages to deliver the perfect White Westinghouse photo. Only the babies kept me from overanalyzing things.

By the way, Ikea has the cheapest hotdogs in town. They got the pickles right, too.

Thursday, November 25

Convent-bred boy

When I was ten, I had 20 fingers.
It took awhile to cut them, but now I want to grow them back.

J.J.T, Johannes, Frédéric, Ludwig... wherever you are guys, let's have a smorgasbord one of these cold winter nights. Now, I miss my piano face.

Friday, November 19

Because the radio was on

Anberlin - Retrace

One never goes home when one is not tired.
I did, I landed flat on my bed, and I swear to god I heard a Christmas carol.