Sunday, January 31

Blue moon

Blue moon over Tokyo last Saturday.

Blue moon as hearts.

Song by Elvis Presley.
If you got time, take a look at our Issue # 7. Have a good week ahead of you wherever you are!

Saturday's dinner



Saturday, January 30

What a difference a weather can make

Nothing can make me jump out of my bed than eternal, carbon-blue skies.

Friday, January 29

Cast your eyes down low

I'm posting the out-takes of issue#6 of my collab project. The theme for this issue was anything below the eye contact.

mike issue 6 - cast your eyes down low

I'm having a long weekend this time. I still don't know what I'm up to. Maybe will just lazy around the house and read.

By the way, the music in the player is The Breeze by Dr. Dog. Sounds like a vinyl record or something.

Thursday, January 28


If there was any consolation these past days, it's the realization of how much I love my family! Of course, what happened was a bit too much to make me realize things. But then again, there are just some things you have to live with as they come along and to be able to learn love is actually the most that you can do.

So I guess I'm pretty fine now, though at some hours of the day I can't help not remembering memories.

I'm posting photos from last summer, from a random quick out-of-town trip in Tokyo's peripheries. These past days were just terribly cold that I miss summer more than ever. I also miss train rides, those times when the landscapes just blur outside the window like a roll of an unedited film.

Oh how I wish winter is more compassionate and less awful, especially for a boy like me who loves to drive around with a bike.

I take this chance to say my appreciation to everyone who left those notes in my previous post to cheer me up! You, guys, are my warmth this winter. Sorry for being depressing or depressive. I'll have more sunshine soon. Bliss.

Tuesday, January 26

96 winters in a summery life

Yesterday, my grandmother passed away. I received the news in an empty park. How unfair and how unruly that cold tears are sent through a wireless phone call. Story of my life.

Thanks everyone for your very very nice comments. I'm reading them, and they are my sources of joy these days. I'll respond to all of them as soon as I finish my homeworks, and reel over this poignant heartache.

Sunday, January 24

Jan 10 Ear Candy: Haruka Nakamura

Thanks to Aron, who posted this song in his blog, I was hooked indefinitely to Nakamura-san's music. There was a time when I just looped this song the whole night, and I had the most vivid dreams! This is also the best companion when I usually go home from the school at 1 in the morning, and there's only me, Toru the bike, the empty dark alleys, and the silent traffic lights from every other block.
Arne, Haruka Nakamura from the album Grace (2008)

YG said Nakamura is like the Japanese Sigur Ros. Now I can't wait to go to one of his live performances (I'll definitely look for one).

Anyway, I'm posting some out-takes from my other blog from our issue #5.

Saturday, January 23

Just when you thought it's over

The past week was one hell of a ride. Just like the weather in Tokyo. The other day we hit 20 degrees celsius, the following day I was freezing my ass while riding Toru, my bicycle.

Finals week is around the corner, too. I hate this when I feel like a student. haha
I cannot wait for spring break. I cannot wait to clear all the to-dos on my table. It seems like I always cannot wait for something that I don't know.

Middle of a weekend and I'm having ennui. I'm having gas and all that is listless.

There's so many things to do and I cannot wait for something.

The past weeks in random photos.

Tuesday, January 19

Last Friday's dinner

Sharing some photos from our little dinner over at Jay's house the other week.

Someone said that day was the coldest this winter in Tokyo so far . Deciding on nabe was certainly a good pick. Had fun! ^^

Saturday, January 16

Out-takes, Week 03

These past two nights were well spent with good friends, cooking and eating delicious dinners. Funny how appetite makes people slow down a bit and take things lightly. Nothing beats the company of good food and laughters, right?

January, so far, has been like no other. Half way of the month, and everything is falling to the right places as always. I wish for this to continue as I brave the colder days of the winter ahead.

Anyway, I'm posting some out-takes I took for week 03 of my other blog. The theme for this week was "passersby". Have fun everyone!

By the way, I met a cute girl today. haha...^^

Friday, January 15




It's the end of the week once again. I think I blogged too much this week.^^

This is what I like about Fridays, how you can make it slow, or stop, in a coffee shop, awaiting so expectantly for cozy thoughts of a weekend.

Or getting drunk, and become dreamy until the wee hours of the morning, and talk so much, and not worry about the slightest things in the world.

Sometimes, I can only remember the most poignant hours with such clarity when I am drunk.

Photos taken last week.

Thursday, January 14


The other day, I had sushi for dinner at some random revolving sushi shop near the university with YG. Nothing fancy, all you gotta do is stuff your tummy with as much sushi your fingers can point.

I forgot to list down the names! You bet I was busy stuffing everything in my mouth.

Beer, and the interiors.

YG (the way he wants to be mysteriousy called in this blog, haha), eating lotsa sushi!

I think I couldn't fit in back inside my jacket after the dinner. xox

This is the ending! Now I couldn't possibly think how we ate everything on those plates! 'Twas a sushi overload night. haha...