Saturday, June 26


I remember in vivid detail the first time my shaky hands held an SLR camera.

It was a few summers ago when I printed my first roll of films. I was shooting recklessly, like as if it was my first time, too, to see the world.


I remember it now because I'm dying to take photos again. It has been awhile since I last took my camera for a walk (just like a dog), or even aim it at everything or anything at all. I've been immensely busy finishing the manuscript for my master's degree. If there's only something that I can do.


Anyway, this summer, when all this uni stuff is done and delivered, I'd go back to taking photos, singing with my guitar, drinking beer on sidewalks, biking around the neighborhood, or scavenging Tokyo for Haruki Murakami's house. I can't wait to do all of these!

In the mean time, I'm dozing off, and maintaining this geeky mode until further notice.

PS. Photos from my first roll of films, some summers back.

Saturday, June 5

I'm floating

-I see you, you see me, The Magic Numbers