Friday, November 21

The view from here

I live in Yokohama right now. I stay in this dormitory that is provided by the university. The nearest station to my house is Aobadai. On any given day, it never runs out of fun. There's a shopping mall for instance. And izakayas (Japanese version of a pub). And the best karaoke house in town. And nice and neat salon. And a cheap supermarket where I can buy San Miguel Beer Light. And a very friendly guy in the chicken store. And Starbucks. And little, quite parks. And so on.

It's around 40 minutes away from my school. But that can feel like forever because I'm using one of the most crowded lines in Tokyo. From my station, it takes around 15 minutes of slow walk or around 1.5 sticks of Marlboro Lights to arrive in the doorstep.

This is how my lazy nest looks like.

View from the balcony.

My refrigerator, up and inside.

Outside and inside of my room