Monday, February 2

The table

This is my table. Everything happens here. Over the next few days, this will be an absolute mess, not that it is not yet a mess right now. But the finals week is looming. Sleepless nights are coming, and I can feel zits popping up.
There are too many things I have to do in the coming days. Five fucking exams, every holy fucking day. Four papers all due Monday next week. A program that I still have to learn. And my research which I haven't fixed a bit. Everything feels like Melchor Hall all over again.

I swear to god I will get fucking drunk like a morose after I finish all of these. I can't fucking wait for heart's day, which also happens to be the last day of the sem, and which happens to be the birthday of my very good friend, Felipe.

(I cuss a lot, sorry. It's the nerves.)

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