Monday, September 21

Tokyo Tower

This is the second part. The first part is here.

Tokyo Tower from afar looks so imposing. Like a huge candle on top of a cake!

More so when it's right infront of you. This time though, it feels a little overwhelming, like a big robot is staring right back at you, and you are a bubble gum with two wide eyes staring back.

We went to the viewing deck around 250 meters above and the view was spectacular. This time, the whole city was swallowing me with all the lights and the flickers. Everything feels surreal. Kinda reminds me of the mad Godzilla, though.

I have this thing with city lights and skycrapers since I was a kid. So being here and seeing Tokyo on the same eye level is like returning me back to those days when I'd dream of big cities and neon lights when I was ten.

They say that one can see the whole city from the tower's deck. Possibly, but it was too dark that time that I wanna go back on daylight.

Some views of the tower's neighborhood. Are you not scared of falling?
Tokyo Tower is celebrating its 50th this year. Interesting, interesting piece of creation.

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