Sunday, August 9

Bye 340

I’m dead tired. Tomorrow, I am moving off to a new address. So today, everything is a bit of a mess, not that it isn’t on regular days.

Looking for a new place in Tokyo is one hell of a thing in itself. Being in one of the most expensive cities in the world requires a lot of bile and grasping. Don’t even let me start with the language problem.

I want to write about this now because I may not be able to feel the right amount of exactness to what I am feeling on later days, once I have settled in in my new place.

I will miss 340. That’s my room for the past 10 months in here. It has practically seen me through almost all possible combinations of emotional weather. I have spent my first winter here, my first spring, and my first Christmas out of the country.

I will miss walking that 10 minute walk from the station to my doorstep, which generally serves as a discontinuum between school and my bed. Although the line I’m taking is probably one of the worst in Tokyo, I’m not faking to say that I will miss the daily train rides. It’s one thing that kept me going, amidst all those chilly mornings when all I could think of was the crispy white sheet of my bed. Seeing people rush and hop in, all in the frenzy of a metropolitan heartbeat, invigorates me on a daily basis.

But this is it. I'm moving on, as they say.

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