Tuesday, November 10

Nov 09 Ear Candy: Oasis

I'm pretty hooked to Oasis these past days. It surprises me that Oasis has always been there since the 90s but I only started "discovering" their great songs lately. Of course, everyone knows 'Wonderwall' . Then there's 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out', which perfectly suited as OST of Butterfly Effect 1 when Ashton was walking to a new life towards the ending.

Listening to their other songs made me realized I had lots of prejudices towards Oasis, brought perhaps by the first two songs I knew from them. I've sinned to consider they were just another garage rock band: noisy, angsty-shit. But hell I was wrong! 'Let There be Love' for instance, is very subtle to the ears while "Half the World Away" is stripped-down unplug and raw. Just my kind of thing.

The best thing about Oasis is how they use the right words for their lyrics. Poets as musicians are rare. For me, they are the 90s Beatles. Too bad that I started liking them when they are not a group anymore. Nevertheless, their music rocks, and will surely outlive the band itself.

Here is one of the classic Oasis song that makes me feel swell:

You ain't never gonna burn my heart out...

I'm planning to get a poster of Oasis for my bedroom. I hope there's one in HMV or Tower Records.

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nanaaaa said...

one of my favs as well! that song.