Friday, November 20

Random stuff

I had the camera with me in the school the other day so I decided to take some random photos of the microcosm I move around.

This photo shows what's going on at the architecture department. People here seems to be always busy. They're always up to something cool, and nice.

I like the architecture floor a lot. No one can guess the next cool things that they will post on their walls. It feels like walking through an art exhibition every time though. I wanted to take more photos, on a semi-regular basis of things like these, but I'm a little shy because the architecture people are cool, and I'm a wuss, and that I might look like someone who is trying to steal their artistic properties. (I'm not making sense). haha...

I went walking around Jiyugaoka with Jay. I like it when I walk and talk with a friend. Especially around this place. Jiyugaoka is the nearest hang out place from the university. There's coffee shops, second-hand bookstore with English mags and books, and pubs, and chic clothes shops, donuts bakery, etc. Name it, Jiyugaoka has it.
For instance, there's Muji, my favorite, though I rarely buy anything from there.


This is my favorite place to kill time in Jiyugaoka. I watch people here. This is also the place where I will drink beer when I'm down in the hole and cannot afford the pub. Oh life.


Make it Easy said...

great photos. omg i love muji!

\@-@/ said...

me too! i go to muji every week, not to buy anything, but just to feel good.haha..

Make it Easy said...

aw. thats perfect.

julia said...

Curious...what camera did u use? Pics are great...