Thursday, January 28


If there was any consolation these past days, it's the realization of how much I love my family! Of course, what happened was a bit too much to make me realize things. But then again, there are just some things you have to live with as they come along and to be able to learn love is actually the most that you can do.

So I guess I'm pretty fine now, though at some hours of the day I can't help not remembering memories.

I'm posting photos from last summer, from a random quick out-of-town trip in Tokyo's peripheries. These past days were just terribly cold that I miss summer more than ever. I also miss train rides, those times when the landscapes just blur outside the window like a roll of an unedited film.

Oh how I wish winter is more compassionate and less awful, especially for a boy like me who loves to drive around with a bike.

I take this chance to say my appreciation to everyone who left those notes in my previous post to cheer me up! You, guys, are my warmth this winter. Sorry for being depressing or depressive. I'll have more sunshine soon. Bliss.


Hanna Åberg said...

I don't know what kind of weather it is tokyo, but göteborg isn't my favorite place on earth right... dirt sorbet.

hiki said...

hey i'm glad to hear you're feeling better! of course it would take time, but that's normal yea? today is a strange weather, but winter will not last for that long i hope!

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your blog - i have never been to your country but your blog sure makes me want to make a visit one day - thanks for all the sharing and giving me a glimpse of your beautiful country - i wish i am there. gin

pomme said...

thank you for your comment about my projet. it's lovely!
and if you want to help me you can make this survey, but only if you feel better!
(I haven't got your e-mail)

\@-@/ said...

@hanna. i think göteborg is colder than tokyo. but at least it snows in there? :)

@hiki: thanks for stopping by! now, i cannot wait for the mild weather of spring!

@gin: please do visit tokyo or japan someday. i know you will like it!^^

@pomme: im doing your survey now, good luck with your project! :D