Friday, January 15


It's the end of the week once again. I think I blogged too much this week.^^

This is what I like about Fridays, how you can make it slow, or stop, in a coffee shop, awaiting so expectantly for cozy thoughts of a weekend.

Or getting drunk, and become dreamy until the wee hours of the morning, and talk so much, and not worry about the slightest things in the world.

Sometimes, I can only remember the most poignant hours with such clarity when I am drunk.

Photos taken last week.


Anonymous said...

it is good to blog "too much"!

weina said...

oh i miss getting drunk and talking all night long so much... your pics convey that atmosphere so well...

\@-@/ said...

@anonymous: haha, i think so. but it's part of my new year to-do's. so i think i'm just doing what i ought to do! :D

@weina: that's why i love drinking and being drunk! haha... by the way, i like your blog. thanks for making a post about me. ^^