Sunday, January 24

Jan 10 Ear Candy: Haruka Nakamura

Thanks to Aron, who posted this song in his blog, I was hooked indefinitely to Nakamura-san's music. There was a time when I just looped this song the whole night, and I had the most vivid dreams! This is also the best companion when I usually go home from the school at 1 in the morning, and there's only me, Toru the bike, the empty dark alleys, and the silent traffic lights from every other block.
Arne, Haruka Nakamura from the album Grace (2008)

YG said Nakamura is like the Japanese Sigur Ros. Now I can't wait to go to one of his live performances (I'll definitely look for one).

Anyway, I'm posting some out-takes from my other blog from our issue #5.


marie said...

love that song too. great colour in these photos!

alexandria said...

The light and colours in your photos...I love it so much.

Ulrika said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I am really, really enjoying your photos too! :)

n a t s u m i said...

Hello Mike!
These are beautiful photos! I love the colors..
Oh, I miss Japan now.

Thank you for your comment on my blog! yes, please do so.

Glad that I discovered your blog!!

hujour said...

Hi Mike! It was nice that you came to say hello :) and of course you can add my blog to blogroll. I´m honoured! Have a nive Sunday.

at swim-two-birds said...

you're one of my favourite blogs lately, love that song too.

hiki said...

hi mike!
thanks for your comment, yes OF COURSE i'd be really happy to be included in your blogroll! why not! i will add you to mine, too, or i might have already done it "without permission" ;)
great photos, i like the colours of your photographs, they have some special feel to them that make each tokyo scean look special.

\@-@/ said...

thanks everyone! ^^
good luck for the week ahead! i hope you all have a great time. :D

Make it Easy said...

im so glad you like the song too!
i love your street photos. i feel like im walking through them too

young said...

Beautiful photos :)

Elisabelle said...

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your nice message! Of course you can add my blog to your roll:) I am honored!
Your photos are great. I am happy to discover your two blogs.
Let's keep in touch.

simone on the internet said...

These photos are great! The light in them is amazing.

Adam said...

the colors in these photos is astonishing. i really love the mood you are able to create. the sky has the color of the sea..fantastic.

Kelly said...

loved this song. reminds me of kasumasa hashimoto! :)
love your pictures too. and you like haruki murakami also. awesome!

\@-@/ said...

arigatou minnasan! thanks everyone!