Monday, February 22

You are my heartache this lifetime


No surprises by Radiohead

Would you believe me if I tell you that we've met before, in the past, before these present lives?


yu yasutake said...

oh i forgot about this song for a while. thanks for the reminder. the coconut biscuits look good! i like your photos.

marie said...

love this, hadnt heard it for a long time so thanks:)

faith from sunny singapore said...

yes i believe.

Make it Easy said...

love radiohead :-)
great song!

ara said...

hey! finally you bought your ashtray! kk. but i pretty liked your coca-cola tray!

\@-@/ said...

thank you everyone! i love this song too!

@yu yasutake: im a fan of yours!^^

@ara: yup i did finally! haha..