Saturday, June 5

I'm floating

-I see you, you see me, The Magic Numbers


Elisabelle said...

great bathroom SP!
love the toothbrush on the left;)

Make it Easy said...

hey mike!
hmmm the best month to come to hawaii?? well summer is hot, but there is generally sun all year long. maybe except early spring time (jan-march), thats when it rains more in hawaii. but other than that you could come whenever! i dont think any month is specifically more great than any other :-)

Pascalou said...

I like this pic.

Marion said...

Gosh, I love that song ! Perfectly what I needed tonight !
Merci !

Pascalou said...

Nice and sweet selfportrait.

Luella said...

May I know how You made it able to just have the play bar instead of the video? Is it a HTML coded thing?

Thanks <2