Friday, July 30



This is how busy I was. For about 7 weeks, my life was a circle of seclusion. I wake up at 3 in the afternoon, grab a late lunch, and stay inside coffee shops till they close. At around midnight, I'd find an open ramen shop, and eat a late dinner, bike home, and drop by a convenient store for a watermelon Popsicle. At 8 in the morning, I'd prepare myself some cereal, and eat breakfast before going to bed.

During those times, my only form of distraction were episodes of House M.D. Otherwise, I'm pounding on my computer, cracking my head open for the last ounce of words to fill my thesis.

A shot from exactly where I sit some 6 am in one of those days. Dreamy is Blur's Good Song.


Make it Easy said...

wow it seems your working hard!! at least you get to go at your own pace and sleep :-)
nice song too, good luck on your thesis michael!

Duan 立山而 said...

thanks for your introduction on blur's song, i'm constantly listening to it whenever i'm online!