Friday, December 31

The coffee and the letter

Wake up, Mike, 2011 is brewing. Drink your coffee, and don’t worry.

I will write you, will write about you, more often than the sparsely recorded life of a deranged man.

I will wake up with you in the morning, and we’ll light our palms red against the bursting sunshine of an 8 AM. I’ll make sure the bath is warm and that the toaster will toss warm pair of bread for breakfast. Buy your bicycle, because it is nice to start the day racing against rambunctious Japanese gradeschoolers on your way to school.

We’ll eat lunch in empty playgrounds, sitting on see-saws and listening to rousing mid-day breeze. If it's blue skies all over, we’ll throw a small picnic by that bench in the field so we can watch the universe at the same time. If you’re under the weather, there’s McDonalds and people-watching across the street. You see, there’s so much we can do before the day closes to half.

We can listen to jazz and solve math all afternoon together, just like the old times. I know you’re excited to go back to discovering Fabionacci sequences in soil, and betting your life on Mathlab. We’ll be geeks, and remain shall so amidst the languages we both don’t understand at all.

At the end of the day, we’ll do the market; I know seeing a huddle of yellow peppers is one of your guilty pleasures. We’ll visit every window of your favorite shops in Jiyugaoka, and wonder why there’s so many old, rich women in your neighborhood.

We’ll start the night with a tea, because we’re awesome like that. There are so many fabricated lives to watch from your favorite TV series. Believe me, there's always a new English tongue to rehearse.

On weekends, we’ll take the camera to the city, and shoot buildings and wonderful things in the sky. Or if you’re bored, we can always grab a coffee somewhere, read a book, or pretend we’re mysterious poets at the crack of rabid fame. And if you’re really really bored, let’s just get lazy with your guitar, sing slowly until we can see all pieces of dust settle inside your room.

We’ll be fine, Mike, I assure you because we are cool like that. So wake up now because a new year is brewing. I promise this will be a great one, because now I can see that your eyes are awake and they will remain wide open because I will be with you every minute that they are.

Credits: Seasons of love, because we'll measure the year with the heart this time.

Happy new year everyone.
All the love from Tokyo.


Tanaa said...

Great! Happy new !!!!!!!!!

Hello Sandwich said...

How lovely this post is!
Your 2011 sounds so lovely!
Maybe I will bump into you one day in Tokyo, racing you on my mamachari.

shellie said...

How fabulous was that? Happy New Year.

Elisabelle said...

great post!!
a very happy new year:)

christinesixteen said...

Great post Crazy. I suddenly miss the simple routine stuff I used to do in SG. I miss you & Nemo. :( Have a great 2011 Crazy! I'm sure it will be. ;)

i'm an island girl said...

i loved reading this :) happy to have discovered another blog that will feel my tokyo cravings!