Wednesday, April 13

Another sunny day

I nearly thought I would literally skip the sakura watching this year since I am mostly asleep in the day and working full time with my papers at night. But then this happened, and what a day.

I hope you all have a nice day. Tokyo and Japan in general is still reeling over the catastrophe of last month. So continue wishing everyone here good faith.

Playing is Belle and Sebastian's Another sunny day.


Young said...

Hi Tokyo Connection,
Sakura's blossomed in Korea as well:) These pics are really lovely.

asuhara sue said...

what a wonderful glimpse of sakura. even i 'm not there it's still hanami from here!
thanks, and have a nice day too

Make it Easy said...

beautiful, wonderful, hopeful
my prayers are still with you all
the sakura brought smiles to many, im sure

Generic Jen B said...


hiki said...

Hello there!
Beautiful photos, beautiful sakura..... I'm so glad it's spring, I've been comforted by sakura a lot this week. (You can never skip sakura watching!) Hope you are doing alright, ganbatte for your work and stay safe :)

Bonjour Johanna said...

Those pictures are magic, the sakura almost look like soft cotton balls.

I would love to walk there once,

tinajo said...

Wow - such gorgeous pics! :-)

Hello Sandwich said...

wow these are so beautiful! i hope you're okay and stay safe.
Love Sandwich

Mackapär Ulrika said...


R@!$4 said...

konnichiwa, hajimemashite!
i stumbled upon your blog and that particular snap you took with the perfect balance of the skies and the white-like sakuras is toooooo pretty.

tumblred it for your ref.

amazing that you're there for PHD, i wish you great success on your studies. i love your blog and i so did adding to my blogroll list on my own.

cheers! -rice

kitchu said...

!! some kind of paradise on earth !!