Sunday, January 6

How to perform a meltdown, how to restart a life: the first weekend in the islands

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A departure begets an arrival. I have finally landed back in the islands, and these past four weekends have been simply wonderful. There is an overflowing comfort and joy from friends and families, not to mention the eternal warmth of the tropical weather, Saturday nights spent in the beach, home-cooked meals, dirt-cheap beer, and cable TV. So far, I would like to think that I am doing pretty well in handling the post-Tokyo hangover.

Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines


Hello Sandwich said...

Looks so beautiful!

Make it Easy said...

first of all: these photos are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
and second...i didnt know you were filipino!! let alone from Cebu!? how awesome is that man!
im actually flying to the philippines in two weeks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Looks like a great place to chill out.

All the best for the year ahead!

From long time reader, TK

the yellow house in the U said...

So beautiful. Enjoy the restart.

mike said...

these pictures are great. missing home so much. i am actually organizing my vacay for this year and this would be a great (RELAXING) stop.

Anonymous said...

hey! are you still blogging? on another blog? hope to see more of those beautiful pictures you take and the things you write.