Monday, January 11

Cold day

Yesterday, I went to Shibaura Institute of Technology in Toyosu, and took some math test and got paid and I was happy! And did a little shopping at Shibuya.
This Sunday was very cold, by the way. Now I terribly, terribly miss summer.

I'd take this chance to thank pomme, Hello Sandwich, and Make it Easy for noticing my little stuffs. You guys, made me feel warm this cold day. ありがとうございました!


at swim-two-birds said...

miss summer too

\@-@/ said...

yes, especially when youre wearing 3 layers of clothing and still feel cold. i miss tees and slippers!

Narumi said...

Your pictures from Tokyo are fabulous, I love the third one ! What camera do you use ?

from a sow's ear said...

I am missing summer too, yesterday was freezing- gorgeous shots!

ara said...


Make it Easy said...

great photos as always!
in hawaii the weather is always like summer, im not complaining, haha, but we love it when its "cold" (50F lowest) here for about 3 months. hahah

\@-@/ said...

@narumi, thanks! ;)

@grace, yesterday was freezing and today was raining. im down with the weather... thanks for the email again ^^

@ara, thanks!

@aron, oh how i love hawaii! im planning a hawaiin trip, end of this year. hope it will work!

thanks guys!

weina said...

your photos are so beautiful, they make me want to move to tokyo immediately!

Hello Sandwich said...

ハローサンドウィッチ mentionありがとうございます!
You take such lovely pictures! xxx

\@-@/ said...

hi miss hello sandwich!

thank you! thanks again for posting my blog in your blog. miss grace mentioned in her email that you are coming to tokyo this month. i hope you have a good good time around!


\@-@/ said...

@weina: thank you so much! c'mon take a visit here! haha... ;D

Hello Sandwich said...

Hello! Oh my absolute pleasure! Your blog is so lovely. I think Hello Sandwich readers will agree!

Yes I am coming to Tokyo! Eeeep! And we should all catch up for a beer! From a sows ear, Hello Sando, Tokyo Connection and Jollygoo! Blog party! Little Miss Gracie is the cutest thing ever and so super talented! You will love her when you meet her!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

\@-@/ said...

@miss hello sandwich,

oh that would be a nice time! im looking forward to meeting you and everyone else.

i've read your email already, i will reply to it as soon as i can. these past days were just busy! ^^