Sunday, January 10


Things I see from the 5th.


Make it Easy said...

what a view...i always loved the cityscape of tokyos rooftops!

Anonymous said...

i recently discovered your blog and must say, i really enjoy it!

i also live in tokyo and your pictures give me a sense of nostalgia. this post has me searching for a familiar landmark in the photos, like i'm trying to figure out where you live, haha. wow, i must sound like a stalker...

looking forward to your future posts!

ara said...

what a view...again! your picture's mood is really really lovely. so, i mimicking your color sense, i totally failed! i just blame my damn canon! haha:P anyway, always thank you for your nice picture and some of music. i mean, your connection is connected to me. totally.

Hello Sandwich said...

Hello! I hope you won't mind but I posted about your beautiful images and blog today on Hello Sandwich. (I found you from Make it Easy).
Love Love
Hello Sando

at swim-two-birds said...

love all your photographs, especially the pale coloring, found you via hello sandwich

\@-@/ said...

@aron,sometimes, the buildings look like neatly constructed legos. lol.

@zenbei, :D, so where do you live?

@ara: see you in tokyo!

@hello sandwich, thanks a lot! i love your blog!! ^^

@ at swim-two-birds, thanks!

thanks guys!

emmie fatale said...

so in love with your blog. I want to move to tokyo! x.

Anonymous said...

i live in minami-azabu (minato-ku). what about you? :)

\@-@/ said...

@emmie, thanks! tokyo will always welcome you!^^

@zenbei, i live in ota-ku :)

hearblack. said...

all your photos have such a cool "hue" or color to them.
makes them look fresh and unique.

i like your style a lot man, glad to find your blog..
and you're more than welcome to include my link on the blogroll.. I'll be coming back here for sure

have a good one