Tuesday, January 19

Last Friday's dinner

Sharing some photos from our little dinner over at Jay's house the other week.

Someone said that day was the coldest this winter in Tokyo so far . Deciding on nabe was certainly a good pick. Had fun! ^^


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that your blog makes me so happy. It makes me remember the nostalgia I felt in my home in Akita. And Nabe is good in winter>>>I concur. YUM.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had fun :) Nabe in the winter is so comforting. Winter this year definitely feels colder than last year...

And, haha, no, I hadn't heard of your school until you told me the name. There seem to be more English-speaking schools in Tokyo than I thought.

penn said...

heyx, i randomly ran into your blog, and u might have the same interest as me..I'm currently doing BA(Hons) Visual communication in the UK, im from malaysia..I've learnt the japanese language for a year now, trying hard to improve it now and then.. hope to go Japan some time in the future, i love the language.. :) would love to be friends with u..do u like to exchange emails? email me at chok_pen_nee@hotmail.com

sorry for being random :) have a nice day! xx

pen nee

Make it Easy said...


\@-@/ said...

@anonymous: that's nice to hear! and yes, nabe is really really good in winter!

@zenbei: my school is not english speaking. haha... but my professors are. and yes, grrr to this winter. im beginning to become sick of it.

@aron: yes it is!!^^

\@-@/ said...

hi penn, sure we can!
i'll email you as soon as i can! thanks for stopping by. ^^