Saturday, January 16

Out-takes, Week 03

These past two nights were well spent with good friends, cooking and eating delicious dinners. Funny how appetite makes people slow down a bit and take things lightly. Nothing beats the company of good food and laughters, right?

January, so far, has been like no other. Half way of the month, and everything is falling to the right places as always. I wish for this to continue as I brave the colder days of the winter ahead.

Anyway, I'm posting some out-takes I took for week 03 of my other blog. The theme for this week was "passersby". Have fun everyone!

By the way, I met a cute girl today. haha...^^


Anonymous said...

Wow. When I look at these pictures I get even more nostalgic for that area. There's a sweet little snack bar near the Ontakesan train station that I love, "るり", have you been there?

If you don't mind me asking, which school are you going to?

\@-@/ said...

hi zenbei!

this area is very nice, to say the least. ontakesan is two stations away from my home. i'll try to visit that snack bar you're saying one of these days!^^

i'm going to tokyo inst. of tech in ookayama. do you know that school?

Make it Easy said...


\@-@/ said...

@aron:haha thanks!