Sunday, February 14

I'm dreaming of a vacation

Now that the school is almost over, I'm thinking of a vacation. A quick trip out of Tokyo would do me good one of these days.

Photos of Kyoto from last year.

Where is next?


By the way, I talked with Miss Hello Sandwich on the phone on her last day in Tokyo. I was meaning to see her, and I feel so sorry that her vacation fell on the most grueling week of my semester with all those exams and little experiments. Next time, a drink or two would be nice! I wish she enjoyed the light and sounds of Tokyo.


monaka said...

i wish i could go on vacation to kyoto or tokyo again. hmm something to dream about...

INGE said...

beautiful pictures, we are visiting kyoto in may and we can't wait!!!

sleepwalkingintokyo said...

Very nice photos of Nara!! Where are you planning to go for the short trip? Looking forward to see your trip photos :) Have fun!

Piou said...

I'm impatient to know your next destination ! I go to April make an attractive journey with my family in the Kansai. We are going to pass 5 days pleasant to Kyoto... If you have addresses nice to have a drink, have lunch or shopping, I'm a buyer ! The bambi belongs to Nara ? Hummm, your photos always so beautiful, I'm going to have difficulty in equalling you when I'm going to set Kyoto in photo !
Good courage for your studies !

at swim-two-birds said...

some of your photos remind me of old postcards :)

Make it Easy said...


that is so great that ebony actually reached out to all the blog friends in Japan!! so fun! great connections :-)

\@-@/ said...

@monaka: come back again!^^

@INGE: wow! that's good to hear. my friends just came back from kyoto and nara, and they were all exhilarated!

@sleepwalkingintokyo: im going to gunma, but im with my classmates so that's not considered vacation. im thinking of going to nikko alone and stay in a small hostel hidden in a forest! (dreaming)^^haha...

@Piou: I live in Tokyo though, but if you pass by Tokyo, just send me a message in my email and a drink or coffee will be good with you!

@at swim-two-birds: is that good or bad? i hope that's good. haha^^

@aron: now that you said it, im actually planning a hawaiian trip this year! really!^^

Hello Sandwich said...

Hello lovely! That was so sweet of you to mention our little phone call on your blog. I really wish that we could have caught up! But I will be in Tokyo again soon and we will be sure to meet for a drink.
I hope you are staying warm in all that Tokyo snow.
Love Love
Hello Sando

shleepy said...

ahh, those places look so nice!
Michael-san, my school is taking a trip to Japan and I was wondering if you could tell me of some lovely places to visit in Kyoto. We go every 2 years or so, and the groups usually do/see the same things. I want this year to be different. If you think of any unique places, or places that are a must see, would you please e-mail me and let me know?
arigatou gozaimasu!

krista said...

I am going to Kyoto in April. I cannot wait! Can you please tell me where the photo of the deer was taken? I would love to visit that place.


Piou said...

Unfortunately we don't go to Tokyo, we go to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Tango hanto... It's a pity we would have drunk a coffee with you with pleasure... The next time ! It's also necessary to come in Paris !