Monday, February 8

I wish for carefree days

Ms. Natsumi tagged me the other week. So here it is. I'm telling 7 random things about myself under each random photos from the past 7 days that I was a bit away from my blog. Photos and text don't necessarily match.

1. I have a serious case of cramming. A bolt of lightning has to strike me to start on something.

2. I like minor chords. They make those lonely sounds. I like listening to madly sad songs.

3. I want to be a dad when I turn 30.

4. I'm seriously considering to go to art school after I get my PhD in Engineering (which I currently work on).

5. On average, I go down with flu and cold twice a year.

6. Contrary to popular belief, I am an extremely bashful person.

7. Sometimes, I feel that I give too much that at the end of the day, I feel hollow inside.

This week, just like how it was a year ago, is a bit of a mess. School feels like school, and I'll be doing little experiments grudgingly physical in nature.

Thank you everyone for dropping by the past days and leaving those nice comments. I just couldn't have the time to reply to everyone but I'm reading each of your comments and I feel glad.

Now, back to work. ^^


kristina - no penny for them said...

great post!

i've been tagged by natsumi as well and didn't have to time to post my seven things yet. hopefully soon.

p.s.: i'm sure you'l go to art school eventually. your photography is quite special.

Piou said...

Your photos are always so lovey and we have at least 2 common points, n°2 and n°6....

marie said...

you should consider art school. its always good to have a mix of academic and creative study, plus i think this helps to grow as a person. and i know that lingering empty feeling - sad music can be strangely comforting at these times -)

toxic disco boy said...

mike! when you get home... uuwi ka pa ba? create a coffee table book. you have talent. promise.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in art school, I would highly recommend it for you- your beautiful photos reflect your talent and heart.

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

i really love your blog. and yes to art school. xo

Elisabelle said...

So beautiful pictures!!!
And it is great to know more about you.

suzie said...

thanks for sharing all your photo..
first time here *waving hello*
will keep coming =)

all photo taken by films? so special feel. =)

at swim-two-birds said...

nice to know more about you, but i love your photos in the first place,
wish you luck with your art studies

Make it Easy said...

those are great random interesting facts! i enjoyed it. i also really like photo 3, with the buildings and branch!

\@-@/ said...

thanks everyone!^^

Heidi said...

I just discovered your blog. I can't quite express how it makes me feel in English but it's very special to be honest. your words and pics touch me so much... I'm glad I landed here!
(I'm off to Japan in a couple of months and was starting browsing related blogs to spot fancy places and insider tips ;-)