Sunday, February 28

The whiner has to go

Strays Don't Sleep's For Blue Skies
^I miss this song^

I've been a little depressive these past days, due to an unhealthy combination of sleeplessness, boredom, self-imposed academic pressure, and loads of sad music. The Tokyo weather, which are indefinitely grey most hours of the day, are not helping me either.

I'm at this point where a sunshine, and endless blue skies are the only form of distraction that can pull me out. Last day of February, and I hope for balmy days ahead as I consign myself to writing my first technical paper.

My wish of salvation and relief to the people of Chile, one of my favorite countries in the world, for the current disaster they are facing. Next week, I will attend this and let's see what are the bubble thoughts of the experts. So much for anguish.

Photos are from my computer in the school, what're left after I cleaned my hard drive.


Elisabelle said...

Beautiful melancholic music...
Fits my mood too.
We have a storm today in Paris....
Love your blue sky photos!

Make it Easy said...

i hope you feel better mike. i get that stagnant feeling a lot too sometimes.
good luck on your paper!

hiki said...

Hi Mike, I meant to leave a comment on your blog responding to what you wrote on mine but I had been insanely busy and been just quickly taking a look at your beautiful photos.
Yes I had been guessing you spend a lot of time in the same neighborhood as myself! And you might be quite right about the chance we have passed each other on the street :)
I know this weather is not helping at all, but wait till the soon to come our sakura season. It should cheer you up a lot! But I do love your kind-of-sad-feeling photographs too, they are really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful photos. Makes me miss Tokyo so much. Did it snow that much in Tokyo this year? ssumimasen

nanaaaa said...

Hi I just randomly found your blog.

Your words and photos have touched the hidden part of my heart in a very fine way. I can't help but keep reading your posts, one by one, nonstop.

I hate to sound self-righteous, but many of your thoughts coincide with mine, and for some strange reason, I feel relieved just by reading it. So thank YOU :D

Btw, great cover on terrified! totally enjoyed it!

shleepy said...

I know how you feel.
this video/song always makes me feel better.
let it work it's magic. : )
lovely photos, by the way.

Tsugumi said...

マイケルさんの写真とてもきれいですね。 いつもお世話になっています。 たぶん良くきかれると思いますがマイケルさんが使われているカメラ聞いてもいいですか? 

あと、私もたまたまラジオヘッド聞いていました。ハハハ最高ですよね (^^)


Ulrika said...

Ah, love that top shot!!
Hope you feel better.

\@-@/ said...

Thankkkkksss everyone! ^^

Mary said...

i've just dicovered your blog via hiki.
i'm planning a long awaited trip to japan in june and i'm so looking forward to experiencing some of the beauty i've seen on this and other blogs from japan.

Anonymous said...

Just a passer-by. I totally love your inspiring pictures! can you tell me how you make your camera take these good pictures? Tell me. I' also a person who loves taking photos!
I'm from Singapore!^_^