Saturday, March 6

Rock my world

The last days were spent inside a dimly lit hall listening to lectures coming from different parts of the world about this topic that recently hogged world headline after what happened to Haiti and Chile. My university hosted the joint conferences on 7th Conference on Urban Earthquake Engineering and 5th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering. The title of these conferences would say it all. What else can be more relevant these days?

I didn't have the luxury of free time to wander around and take photos other than the hall I was assigned to man. So here they are, poorly.

Ever since I came to Tokyo, I've had my share of earthquakes from time to time. As a matter of fact, on the day I arrived, I was jolted by a big one at 2 in the morning, a very moving way of welcoming me. The following week, I was at the fifth floor of my building and another big but abrupt one struck again.

For the fainthearted, perceivably experiencing an earthquake can be quite maddening. I do think that there's really no way of getting used to it even if it happens often like in Tokyo. Or maybe there's really no use in getting used to it. It's always shocking everytime, like falling in love or something. Haha...

Have you had your share of jolts?


Anonymous said...

To answer your question, yes (i've lived with earthquakes all my life) and no (falling in love is never easy).

Hope you are well, Mike.

\@-@/ said...

haha... certainly ai. heart is a big let down.