Wednesday, March 17

How early do you wake up? Good morning y'all!

Me? Before the garbage collector arrives, so that's around 6AM.

Then, I'll have my cup of coffee, slowly. My mind is sifting through the string of events I have to do for the day. There is  a promise of greatness: on this day, the potential of the universe will show itself and that only my sense of presence needs to make it happen. A glorious sun is rising somewhere, ready to shine on another day spent in earnest search for the fountain of knowledge. Then I finish one stick.

I turn my water heater on. I go back beside the bed, once again, to pick my bath towel, about to shower. Chances are, I'd spare a minute or two, sitting by the edge of the bed, softly enjoying the thin sounds of early morning I can hear from the outside. Then, of course.

The next thing I know, it's half past 10. No shower happens, the glorious rising sun is a big, blinding light on top of my swollen head, and the promise of a great day crumbles before it even reaches noon. Haha... Story of my life, folks!

Anyway, the photos above were taken like 2 months ago, in that one rare day I was able to resist the temptation of the bed after 6AM. This is part of a series of  stuff I see on my way to school.

Below is the seductress, the bed.


sleepwalkingintokyo said...

I wake up at 6:30, make my breakfast and bento for lunch at the same time, shower then eat my breakfast while watching Mezamashi TV (めざましテレビ) on Channel 8. Your bed looks so comfortable! I sleep on futon coz' my room is Washitsu.

asuHara su said...

me up at 6.00am, pretty early huh...have to catch the shikansen and densha to reach my office at/before 8.00am.

Make it Easy said...

i love mornings. everything seems so untainted and possible. thanks for sharing :-)

pomme said...

your pics are wonderful!!
my little boy wakes me every morning very early because he wants his cup of hot milk! but I like sleep ;-)