Saturday, March 13

I have a question (UPDATED)

Is it wrong to take photos of strangers when they are not expecting it like the photo above?

Update: I took down the first (original) photo I took after I read the first 7 comments especially that from Hiki-san. I've always wondered about this privacy thing since from my point of view, candid shots of strangers are always private. First, they won't probably know about the photo. Also, my intentions of taking a photo are as candid as the photos itself.

Anyway, I decided otherwise, since I've always felt that I, myself, would feel offended if I see a candid shot of myself somewhere, not certainly because of privacy but because of vanity! haha... In such cases, I feel that I just lost all control over what I want people to see about me. (Which, come to think of it, can be a little about privacy). That's why I hate it when people suddenly tag me in Facebook!

And also, after reading what Hiki-san said, I suddenly had cold sweats with this image of mad parents storming my house. haha..

Now, I hope this new one is more acceptable.

Anyway, mentioning about a photo of me, I saw this one taken like 2 weeks ago.
I think I need a haircut.


Anonymous said...


hiki said...

well, the parents are super sensitive these days about their kids' privacy that apparently they don't even allow school to include their portrait photos in their year books! so if these boys parents see this they might attack you!?

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maria said...

I feel uneasy about taking photos of strangers to the point that I'll take either utterly deserted photos or photos of people's backs at most. But is it wrong? With the cctv/google street view/etc. all around us, what can be so wrong about an innocent little snap?

toxic disco boy said...

not if they didn't notice.

Izyan S. said...

i'm not sure, but i always do that too!

kimboi said...

In photojournalism, it would actually be wrong for the journalist to ask for permission before taking a photograph of the subject.

kristina - no penny for them said...

i think kimboi has a point. and i recently saw a documentary about american (street) photography - where it seems it's all about openness and friendliness when taking other people's picture. if people see you and let you go ahead, fine. if not, they'll say so.

that said, i had people scream at me when i did. so. hm.

in some countries it is explicitly forbidden to take pictures of people without permission, and certainly to publish them. i find the whole thing rather confusing.

p.s.: your haircut looks beatle-esque. nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Hiki on this one,(although your photos are really beautiful). I work for the board of Education in Japan , we consider posting pictures of Japanese children in a public blog without permission from the parents a big issue. If they truly feel uncomfortable, they can get the police involved to have the pictures removed. Most photos require the eyes to be blacked out or the face to be pixilated.

I think Japan is particularly strict in this issue because foreigners have told me their countries consider it free journalism to post pictures of strangers. Anyways, I thought I would just give you a heads up.
Regards, Tak

Make it Easy said...

thats a GREAT portait of you!!
so cool

\@-@/ said...

thanks guys for your opinions on this matter.

i figure out it's on the personal discretion of the photographer if his/her photos are actually intruding the privacy of the object.

i love privacy! as matter of fact, i can be private on a lot of things, that's why i truly understand your comments.

there are times when i'd like to capture what im feeling, or what the day feels like, and a photo of a stranger would totally satisfy both. but i'd be very careful now. thanks for clearing things up for me. i really didnt know any stand about this issue before i asked the question and received your answers here.