Friday, March 12

The object of fantasy meant more to me than logic

Yesterday, I got some results from my experiments. I've waited a looong time for this.
Now, a paper has to be written. Let the universe make a beautiful conspiracy.

I like it when I'm alone and doing experiments, and it's raining lightly outside.
I feel so alive.

Long weekend for me. You have a nice one. ^^


lola said...

lovely pictures, as always.

MDeva said...

Oh, new look of blog.

The last photo make my day.

ara said...

lovely new look♡

hey mike! i'll go to tokyo on march 16! meet me there! :)

Ulrika said...

oh, new layout? it looks good!
great picture, although of a cigarette! :) I love the second one too.

\@-@/ said...

thanks guys!
@ms. ulrika: geez, sorry. i smoke :(