Tuesday, March 9


I notice that I've been clamoring a lot for sunshine these days. Well, who doesn't, right?

Like today, it snowed again in Tokyo, and was it like a week ago when I thought spring was just around the corner?

Some highway photos when I went to Chiba some weeks ago.

I was hooked to this song by Matt Costa like 3 years ago, and now my head sings it indefinitely.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I'll pick them up when I ain't as busy as I am right now. ^^


Elisabelle said...

I did not know Matt Costa!
That's nice.
LOve the blurry pictures.

hiki said...

Yea where the sunshine's gone!? I'm really fed up with this cold weather, it really shouldn't snow in March... Let's hope it will be warm soon!
Love these shots!

ashley said...

excellent highway shots. i like the colors.

Anonymous said...

Visiting Chiba is so relaxing.

I got a new apartment in Oimachi. Maybe if you're not busy sometime we could grab a drink sometime :) You live on the Tokyu Ikegami line, right?

\@-@/ said...

thanks everyone!

hiki san, its getting warmer and cozy these days, looks like our wishes for spring are bound to happen real soon!

sure. just let me know when you are free! i hope i'd be free too!