Monday, January 24

Busy nights

The past hours of the week has been purely a thing of the mind. Was in the zone of utter oblivion, I cannot think of anything less ordinary. Still a lot of things to decipher from the graphs, behavior of conjugate displacements I haven't found, I wish I can clearly articulate all these moments in technical innuendos.

Listening to Kissing the Lipless by The Shins for a thousand times I can carve the song in my skin.


Sarah Carlson said...

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that I'm genuinely moved by your writing. Your tone and content is so - for lack of a more precise word - poetic.

I "found" your blog the other day by way of another person's blogroll (can't remember whose though!) and read your sentence: "Sometimes, that quarter of a foot distance between the heart and the tongue is a bit longer than necessary" - and then I read it over and over again because I think it's so good it belongs in a book.

So, I'll keep reading!

All the best,

christinesixteen said...

I wonder if your room has a 2nd floor. How did you take that picture? Looks like a typical grad student's desk - cos it looks like mine! Btw, when you mentioned conjugate displacements my heart dropped cos i remembered i still have to do this reactor design homework! Ok i should study now.

Chonx said...

I love your blog so much. Your entries are magic.

What camera are you using, by the way? :)