Monday, January 31

January in my mind

Some things I saw while walking around my area the other day. I miss walking, not that I can't but because it's become less frequent than before due to the freezing temperature. My walking buddy is also busy finishing school and would be leaving soon, so I'm kinda feelings sick walking alone.

Anyway, cheers for February! It snowed a little yesterday. I hope it will this month of the heart, just like! last! year!

Keep warm, folks!


Molpaka said...

I like this new look and last photo. Here in my country is Lunar New Year. May I wish you a properous, healthy and wealthy all long year this year.
Excuse me for my english. :)

Carissa said...

how do you make your blog so beautiful? I looove your blog!

between 7 and 9 said...

You have a lovely lovely blog. Gorgeous pictures.

Alexis said...

Love your blog but please, please change your font! it's so hard to read!!

P I A said...

the last pic is so adorable!
keep warm!

Make it Easy said...

ooh great photos! nice walk :-D