Tuesday, January 4

New year

It is customary for people of this world to celebrate the welcoming of a year with a bang. Fireworks the loudest, people shout, scream, pant, holler at each other, jump to resist the roll. All noisy, rowdy, noisy, rowdy, noisy.

Well, I did all of those.

But for me, the real welcoming of the year started on the way home, at 6 in the morning.
The moon just slightly passed by over my apartment, the streets were quiet as ever, the winds of winter rousing the cold pavements, and there's a light thought on my mind of just how peaceful was the time. Aren't moments like these when we're alone and at terms with ourselves that make us, build us to be truly ready for the imminent changes of the arriving year?

Photos of the Yokohama skyline 2 minutes after midnight, and the moon over my apartment early morning of the first.


Amelia said...

Doing countdown at Yokohama seems like so much fun!
I'm following your blog =D
your pictures make Tokyo more beautiful than it is ;)

p.s: Happy new year!

Pascale said...

Atmospheric . Love it.